Wednesday, 8 April 2015

David Brown Mirrors: The passing of a lovely artist

It is sad news in the gallery today. I have just learned that one of our artists has passed away. I am always affected by this kind of new, as I'm sure most people are. I always think of our artists very fondly as a family, and so it is with a heavy heart that I learned of David Brown's death.
David Brown Mirrors
David Brown (not to be confused with the similarly named, Davy Brown - painter, also one of our artists and still very much alive) has exhibited his lovely little mirrors with us here at Galleria Luti for years now. There has rarely been a time when there hasn't been a copper or pewter mirror adorning our walls. They have been ever popular as gifts.... I myself have given many friends David Brown birthday presents. I also know some customers who have several pieces made in the Otago Studio where David worked alongside his son Michael for many years. Nouveau design was often incorporated into the mirror finish as were gemstones and the occassional more exotic embellishment.
I spoke to Michael today, and I am comforted that David's legacy will live on through him.... and hopefully in the near future we will have some Michael Brown mirrors here in exhibition. On one of David's last visits to see me at the gallery, he brough some of Michael's work and I was pleased to see the high standard and design flare of David's influence shining in Michael's work. He was taught very well indeed.
Read more about David on his page here.

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