Thursday, 29 December 2011

Peter Luti - Something different.

Merry Christmas to everyone - I hope you had a great time, and got lots of lovelies in your stockings. Dad has been busy creating away.... possibly inspired by the stormy weather we've been experiencing lately.
Still unmistakably in his unique style, dad has done for something a bit different - a refreshing change I think!
And this (what at first I assumed to be a village) is a coastal farm.
Nice work dad!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Peter Luti - Another two newbies

Dad has been a busy wee bee getting ready for the new exhibition and has managed to get another 2 finished in time. Beautiful colours with the sunset (I'm partial to a bit of purple myself), and the pinks set a lovely warm tone in his pieces.

These will come in very handy as from the 7 he originally had to submit for the winter show, we only have 3 left.... and that's without them even being hung yet!
Go Pedro!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Peter Luti - Artist, New work

We're just about to change over the exhibitions ready for the winter and Peter has been painting up a storm with some new work. Ever popular, dad (Peter)'s paintings don't seem to stay in the gallery very long.

There is something about his textural use and bold colours that capture the imagination and dad's work has been a continual success in the gallery since we opened five and a half years ago.
Peter's constant development of his style, and his unique technical application draws people into his simplistic views of the landscapes that surround the Scottish Coastline.
Not only does the west coast of Scotland evoke brilliant colour use, but Peter is now looking to the Tuscan landscape for warmer inspiration of his paintings.

Nice work dad.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Robert Ryan - Glass, new work

We're just about to change over the exhibitions from Autunno to Inverno (winter), and as the temperature changes so does the work.
Robert Ryan popped in a few days ago with some of his new pieces..... his work constantly evolves and I'm always amazed at the difference in his still distinctly recognisable work.
The change comes as Robert develops his techniques further, and pushes the boundaries of his (seemingly endless) limitations, yet continuing to capture the unique essence that always draws us staright into the body of his work.

Truly remarkable.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Old Luti pieces in situ.

The other night I visited a house that was practically a gallery and had a number of Peter Luti pieces (both ceramics and paintings). It got me thinking about where the others are...... let us know where you've seen any or send us photos of your own Peter Luti pieces in situ! We're always interested in where the work ends up!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Spoooooky Studs for Halloween

I just love making jewellery that makes me laugh.
Little frogs in Witvhes Hats ready to go out guising.
These little stud earrings are my latest creations all inspired by Halloween.
Cute little smiley pumpkins.
Green Monsters dressed up as mummies for the guising.
Hideous halloween hearts.
ALL 100% handmade with love by Marsha.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Galleria Luti Closed for a week.

Galleria Luti will be CLOSED
for a week between
Monday 26th Sep - Sun 2nd Oct

We will re-open as
normal on Mon 3rd Oct

We apologise for any inconvenience
this may have caused

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Autumn Exhibition 2011 - a bit of info

Galleria Luti - Original Scottish Art

Autunno - Mixed Exhibition for Autumn
Sat 10th Sep - Wed 16th Nov 2011

Peter Luti - Red Trees, Tuscany
Celebrate the arrival of the autumnal months with Galleria Luti's new mixed exhibition of original Scottish artwork. Painters contributing to the show include Peter Luti, Sharon Mitchell, David Hay, Deborah Phillips, Douglas Phillips, Brian Petrie, John Wetten Brown, Frances Bowie, Charlotte Brayley, Agnes Phillips and Philip Raskin, amoungst others. We are delighted to welcome the individual and quirky paintings of Gail Stirling Robertson.

Unique and popular Glass Wall Art by Robert Ryan and mirrors by Emily Wylie and David Brown, with hand turned wooden bowls from local craftsman Chris Carroll, and characteristic sculptures by Gio Martin, and Walter Awlson. Handcrafted designer jewellery from artists such as Christine Forsyth, Claire Maxtone, Michael Kay, Angela Harvey and Sarah Perry amoungst others.

Something to suit all tastes and budgets.

We welcome all visitors and look forward to seeing you in the autumn
Warmest Regards
Marsha & Sandie

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Estate (Summer) Exhibition: 9th July 2011

Galleria Luti celebrates 5th birthday with mixed show of Original Scottish Contemporary Art

Marsha & Sandie Luti are proud to celebrate Galleria Luti's 5th anniversary during the summer exhibition. It has been an adventurous, colourful and vibrant time so far, hosting 25 mixed exhibitions and displaying original pieces of art by some of Scotland's most exciting artists. In the last 5 years, the gallery has established a reputation for showing bold and distinctive contemporary art work, but has maintained the relaxed and friendly atmosphere which is reveared by so many.

Supporting local creativeness is a high priority, and the vast majority of regularly showing artists come from within an hour's drive of the gallery. With such a wealth of talent in a close distance it is never hard to fill an exhibition. The new show, which opens on the 9th July, is also a vivacious exhibition offering high quality original art, handcrafted and produced by some of Scotland's most talented artists. Painters contributing include Peter Luti, Jim Wylie, Brian Petrie, Charlotte Brayley, John Wetten Brown, Fiona MacLeod, Sharon Mitchell, and Ian Elliot amongst others.

Designer handcrafted jewellery from jewellers including Marsha Luti, Christine Forsyth, Michael Kay, Angela Harvey, Claire Maxtone and Monili Silver. Much of the jewellery on display is completely unique, often made to order in the gallery by Marsha.

Craft work includes glass art by Robert Ryan, heat lustred bowls by Rob Mulholland, glass crafts by Ann Maintland and Emily Wylie, mirrors by David Brown and introducing Alison McLeod, wonderfully quirky sculptures by Gio Martin, wooden bowls by Chris Carroll and ceramics by Roger Bell and Sarah Perry amoungst others.

Design-led giftware also available. We have something to suit every budget and have excellent quality hand-crafted and unique work in the gallery.

To mark this special birthday, on Friday 26th August we are offering a 5% discount on everything in the Gallery.

We welcome all visitors and look forward to seeing you in the summer.
We may even have birthday cake to eat!!
Warmest Regards
Marsha & Sandie

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Elin Isaksson Glass

We have just received some GORGEOUS glass work from Elin including these lovely little glass fish...

Absolutely stunning blown glass and fused glass work.

The bowls can be used in a number of ways... as bowls, decorative features or even to put little nibbles in (we currently have some jelly babies in one, yum!)
I just love glass work!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Closed for a day for a wedding!

Sat 25th June 2011



due to a family celebration

Sorry for any inconvenience

01877 339577

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stud Earrings by Marsha

I just love making jewellery that amuses me...... and I always think that it's great to have stud earrings that are a wee bitty different. I guess it comes from years of looking at Mum's earrings, as she tends to go for unusual earrings - that's her big passion!

I especially like the 'Luscious Lips'.... tiny little full-on-pouting lips! The ladybugs made me laugh when I made them too. Dad thinks I'm mad to do such small detailing in the clay studs, but I love it!!

These little fused glass studs have dichroic glass in the centre and catch the light to sparkle! You can't beat a bit of sparkle.
I'm off to make some more now! Marsha

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pearls and crystals..... current hot trend!

Everyone is loving pearl accessories at the moment....

This freshwater pearl and swarovski crystal comb is one bespoke design made for an upcoming wedding.Pearls are a fabulous way to accentuate a bride's outfit and are very popular at the moment.
This gorgeous little hand knotted fresh water pearl bracelet with sterling silver heart clasp is my particular favourite. Lovely!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Early Summer Exhibition in preparation!

So...... we seem to be pretty rubbish at updating the blog. Sorry about that! Facebook seems to have taken over somewhat and we're even on twitter (although I'm not much of a tweeter myself! Don't really understand it all that well!).

Anyway, so we're getting all set for the exhibition changeover. Hopefully I can write a little more about it VERY soon, because now it's 5 and I'm ready to go home. Here's a wee link to the e-mail invite though to whet your appetite.

I'm drafting dad in to help me hang the new exhibtion this Thursday and Friday. Fun Times!!!


Sunday, 6 February 2011

60's in 2011

Marsha and I were in Calgary for two weeks at the end of January, seeing family and doing a multitude of things in sometimes 25 degrees C. The tips of Marsha's eyelashes froze while sliding on frozen Lake Louise. Although there are many galleries in and around Calgary, we preferred our Scottish artists' work - not that we're biased or anything. The best gallery was in Banff - note the Scottish Connection. The 60's reference in the heading is the the music of Revv52's concert. Our interest in this was (a) Marsha's sister was singing in this music group and (b) the music was a poignant reminder of my youth: Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel to name a few. Seems like yesterday.