Thursday, 6 May 2010

Peter Luti and new exhibition.

It's that time when we're just about to start hanging the new exhibition again. It always comes round much faster than I think it will! We have some absolute gems from Peter Luti again... good work dad!
He tells me that he's going on a 'research' trip to Barra next week (although the word PUB has been mentioned more than a couple of times). I'm happy though, as it means lots of new boaty paintings. Love it!
The new exhibition is looking like it's gonna be lovely and colourful - just what I like! And we have quite a few purple orientated paintings. Excellent - I love purple!
Check out the website Galleria Luti for all the new work as it arrives. Everything should be up by Saturday (fingers crossed), so looking forward to seeing all the lovely paintings on the walls.