Tuesday, 17 November 2009

We love craft work!

When I read the blog yesterday, I realised it's been all about paintings recently.As much as we love paintings (and we do of course!), there's so much more other art in the gallery that I thought it time to mention the crafts!
So Mum and I set off on a wee tour of the gallery today to congratulate ourselves on having a brilliant range of craft work. Like these Ann Maitland glass dishes and candle bridges. Lovely! (Incidently, I'd just like to point out Mum's odd earrings! She lost one of each pair so has decided to wear them as an odd pair - whatever makes you happy, Mum!)
When Maggie Broadley arrived with her gorgeous ceramic pieces, I was surprised at how large the work was! Here, mum is doing a good job of showing their dimensions in relation to a wee Jim Galloway pot.
I hate getting my photo taken, but I managed to pose with the 'Playful Plastic' earring range.
......and this was the first attempt at a decent photo. Not good.
Mum has a wee sniff at the Maggie Broadley pots. They smell surprisingly nice!
What a great job I have!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Winter Exhibition Open

It's been a frantic week of changing the exhibitions over, but the new exhibition is now OPEN!
Notti Lunghi Exhibition is Galleria Luti's third winter show (where has the time gone!?!), and looks like it's going to be very well received.
The show is simply bursting with colour and energy, and we have lots of lovely gorgeous craft work - ideal Christmas presents (hurrah! I love Christmas) and stocking fillers.
I'm still in the process of fully updating the website, but everything will be on there soon! Promise!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

New Work for Winter Exhibition: Mark Fearn

The winter exhibition is currently being hung in the gallery. It's a show that bursts with colour as soon as you walk in the door, making a very dramatic impact.
Mark Fearn's striking pieces have a bold and vibrant feel to them. Here we see square segments of paintings which are rectangular in shape. The effect is obvious from the outset, and beautifully textured.
Although these paintings are more abstract than the work we usually have in the gallery, they exhibit very well in Notti Lunghi (the Winter Exhibition), both completmenting and being complemented by the other art on show.
These 2 long pieces are exceptionally endearing. Very interesting work. I had my dunce's cap on earlier this week, and in an e-mail referred to Mark as Mike. Silly mistake, sorry Mark!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

New Work for Winter Exhibition: Alastair Laing

Alastair Laing came to deliver new work this morning. I told him that his new work will be on the blog, but he has admitted that he 'can't keep up with technology' so it's doubtful that he'll see this. Never mind - I love his new pieces. There's something very endearing about his work.
It's evident that Alastair's background is in graphic design, from the intricate detailing of his foreground. But there's also a loose feeling to certain aspects of his art.... either in the dramatic sky representation or in the occassional burst of energy in the foliage.The symbolic detailing in the paintings is also highly effective. I love this sailing piece! It's simply stunning.
The entire new exhibition can be viewed on the website by Saturday 14th Nov.

Monday, 9 November 2009

New Work for Winter Exhibition: Peter King

Peter King just popped into the gallery and I was so taken with his paintings that I imediately had to share them in the blog. Blogging twice in one day?!? I am keen!
It is perhaps somewhat chilly today.... and if it's going to be THIS cold I think we should at least be given the pleasure of some crisp snow into the equation. Looks like I might have to make do with the snow in this piece, though. Simply beautiful!
Peter has 6 new works for this exhibition in 2 different sizes, 20" x 20" and 10" x 10". We are lucky indeed! The new work will be available to view on our website by Saturday (which is the official opening day of the winter exhibition).

New Work for Winter Exhibition: Nikki Monaghan

As always in the run up to a new exhibition, this week is very exciting with deliveries of new work left, right and center! Hopefully if I get enough time before the opening on Sat I can profile some of the artists' work that's coming in.
Nikki Monaghan came in yesterday with her new pieces. And they all have a lovely wintery feel to them!

They are just adorable little pieces, and a complete bargain at £120! Perfect little Christmas presents methinks.

I'm very happy at the new work we have so far... the exhibition is going to be stunning. Yippee!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Preparing for the Winter Exhibition

It was simply lovely to log on and see that Mum (Sandie) had managed to do a blog all on her own. Well done Mum, aren't you clever! We have both just spent the morning tirelessly grafting at making up the new exhibition invitations. Pheew! It's all done now. If anyone who still wishes to be on the mailing list hasn't registered yet, you can do so at on the 'Contact Us' page.
Here's a wee sneak preview of the type of work we'll have on offer. What a joy! Also, dad's been hard at work painting away for the new exhibition. This one's a particular favourite of mine. Loving the boats, dad!
One of these days I think I'll talk mum through putting photos onto the blog!
The new work will be up on the website when the exhibition opens on Sat the 14th Nov.