Saturday, 6 June 2009

Peter Luti - 'The BIG One'

I am very excited about the imminent arrival of the biggest Peter Luti painting yet. It is currently up North for the Nairn Festival, but is due to come to us fairly soon.
The stunning use of colour, form and texture create a dramatic impact that is truly a spectacle to behold. Traditionally dad's paintings have peaked at 20" x 20", so this whopper's stats at 30 x 30 are indeed something a bit different. We have already had a lot of interest in this piece, even though it's yet to make it's premier in the gallery and as a result dad has promised to tackle some more paintings of larger dimensions.

As of yet, the painting has either still to be named, or dad has still to tell me what it's title is, but as soon as possible I'll have all the details on the website

Trust me - this one's a corker!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Dugald MacInnes - Slate Mosaicist

Dugald MacInnes' uniquely intreguing work, is an amalgamation of his three passions in life - fine art, geology and archaeology.
Dugald's work combines his three passions into a final work. Having studied for degrees in Fine art (Mural Design - Glasgow School of Art), geology and archaeology, it was inevitable that his finished pieces would have a distinctly earthy, bold and linear structure, with a deep empathy for Scottish history. His use of Scottish Slate, and Venetian gold leaf Smalti provides a stunning and deeply dramatic impact

Dugald States : My work, I hope, communicates a personal, emotional response to the Scottish landscape, its geology and prehistory. Often the titles I give the works employ academic terminology in an effort to draw a deeper contextual response from the viewer. The mosaics however are never purely didactic or decorative; they are essentially deeply felt, expressive artworks.

More information on Duglad can be found on his website and his pieces in the gallery at

Dugald MacInnes is a regular exhibitor with Galleria Luti, and we almost always have his work.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Nikki Monaghan - Artist

Nikki Monaghan is a relatively new-comer to Galleria Luti. Her quirky and individual style of painting is inspired by Scottish landscape scenery and coastal areas.

The simple forms and use of texture illustrate an image of a memory of a particular place rather than a representation creating, naïve and often humerous landscapes. Images are simplified and shapes and colors develop into pattern. Nikki's use of mixed media includes oil pastels, gouache, acrylics and pencil often layered on top of each other and scratched beneath the surface to uncover hidden color.

More details about Nikki and her work are on the website

Nikki's pieces are in exhibition in the gallery until 8th July.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Gill Harrison - Glass Artist

We are very lucky to have some extremely talented artists living locally in Callander.

This beauty is the masterpiece creation of Gill Harrison.
Gill has always loved creating things and has been working as a contemporary glass artist now for about 2 years. Beginning with lampwork glass beads, she shortly afterwards discovered the joys of fusing glass and now enjoys both, often incorporating lampworked items into fused projects. There are photos of Gill's studio and a bit more about her on the website at .

I'm hoping to get photos of all of Gill's work that is in the gallery on the website sometime this week.