Friday, 5 June 2009

Dugald MacInnes - Slate Mosaicist

Dugald MacInnes' uniquely intreguing work, is an amalgamation of his three passions in life - fine art, geology and archaeology.
Dugald's work combines his three passions into a final work. Having studied for degrees in Fine art (Mural Design - Glasgow School of Art), geology and archaeology, it was inevitable that his finished pieces would have a distinctly earthy, bold and linear structure, with a deep empathy for Scottish history. His use of Scottish Slate, and Venetian gold leaf Smalti provides a stunning and deeply dramatic impact

Dugald States : My work, I hope, communicates a personal, emotional response to the Scottish landscape, its geology and prehistory. Often the titles I give the works employ academic terminology in an effort to draw a deeper contextual response from the viewer. The mosaics however are never purely didactic or decorative; they are essentially deeply felt, expressive artworks.

More information on Duglad can be found on his website and his pieces in the gallery at

Dugald MacInnes is a regular exhibitor with Galleria Luti, and we almost always have his work.

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