Sunday, 4 October 2015

Philip Raskin - New Work

It is always lovely to see our artists when they come to deliver new work. Equally as nice, is getting to see what delights they bring us. With Philip Raskin, you can pretty much predict what you are going to get…… choppy waves in the sea of the foreground, some soft and misty hills in the background and a turbulent, stormy, yet colouful big sky. I know the formula well. And yet, every time Philip brings his work I am amazed at how different each painting is – each with it’s own character and effect.

And every single one of them beautiful.

Philip Raskin has a singular and distinctive style in which he exploits acrylic’s most robust impasto qualities along with its most sensitive and delicate.

” I tend to paint very private places for the viewer to own and enjoy: no houses, no telegraph poles – no signs of man’s imposition on the landscape, just the driftwood of an ebb tide and silence – broken only by the lapping of water and gulls ascending”