Saturday, 28 February 2009

Earrings and Paintings

I've been busy beavering away making lots of lovely jewellery for the new exhibition. I totally love swarovski crystals at the moment..... it's always good to have something that gives a wee bit of bling! These little darlings catch the light very well indeed and a spray effect elongates the neck.

Dad's been a busy little bee too.

Clients in the gallery are always on the lookout for Peter Luti originals and as a result by the end of exhibitions they are scarce to come across to say the least. So he's been working away for a new supply... and what a collection he's got for Spring! They are looking amazing. Well done Dad!

Had another delivery in preparation for the new exhibition this morning.

David Hay popped in with his work for 'La Primavera Colora' our Spring exhibition. The exhibition is opening next Saturday so From Monday it'll be all stations go with rehanging. This gorgeous atmospheric number by Hay is such a moving little piece. It's one of the smallest paintings we have had in exhibition, and yet has the ability to make such a dramatic impact... really quite stunning!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Looking forward to Spring

It feels like winter has been really quite long again this year. I've been back at the gallery full time 2 weeks early. Now that's keen! I think I'm just looking forward to Spring and the new exhibition...... ..... the colourful and vibrant pieces which are seen here and on the exhibition invitation are by Peter Luti, Ian Elliot, Alastair Laing, Deborah Phillips and Sharon Mitchell respectively.

Dad said that the beach bums are inspired by mum and me.


Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Glass weave

One of our most local artists, Callander based Gill Harrison's work is very popular in the gallery just now.
I had maverelled several times over this particular lattice piece as to how it was produced. The answer lay in the number of times the piece was fired - ie several! Excellent presicion by Gill has made this outstanding piece a true work of art.

Mum wanted to have a photoshoot for a new profile photo for her. The winning portait has been given the 'arty black and white' touch.

One of these days she'll get round to eventually posting a blog.... wouldn't hold your breath though.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

The Brooch Vibe

What do you do when you want a brooch to set off an otherwise boring top, but can't find any that suit it?

Make your own of course!

That's when I decided to get out the felt and needle and came up with this little design. And now I'm sporting a trendy outfit. Hurrah! I'm thinking of making these little brooches a line for the gallery as it's always nice to have something extra to vamp up a top, scarf or even hat (I tried mine on a wee black bonnet I've got and it looks sooooo cute!). Angela Harvey has the same idea and has developed 'Wild Women' brooches from hand-felted Orkney Wool.

This is one of my favourites. I like to think of her as a cheeky little Tinkerbell type character, perching on you and getting up to all kinds of mischief. Who said art wasn't fun, eh?

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Cottages all in a row

For the past couple of days I've been trying to top up our supply of gorgeous little highland croft cottages, painting them up in fabby colours which catch the eye!

I didn't plan too well in the morning though because I am a bit of a messy worker and now have (not so) designer acrylic paint streaks all over my favourite jeans. Bummer. Anyway, these little darlings just need to be varnished and then 'hey presto!'.... instant Mini Balamory in the gallery.

A few days ago artist Ian Elliot popped in to deliver some work for the new exhibition which is coming up.

He's very organised which I am extremely greatful for.... the earlier the art arrives the earlier I can start planning how the exhibition is going to look. So far, so good... Ian never fails to impress me with his paintings. I'm especially loving a small pinky piece and in a slight diversion from his usual colouring, the gorgeous blue piece which focusses on a yacht.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The first ever Blog

This is one of Peter (my dad) Luti's paintings and an example of the excellent work exhibiting in the gallery.
This morning I attended a course at a local business enterprise site entitled 'How to make your website work harder for you', and the speaker, who was very good, is a keen blogger and was encouraging us to do the same. A million things were racing through my head during the course, all of which I have forgotton now. Anyway, apart from the obligatory lunch stop, I came back straight away to the gallery to dutifully start up a blog.

So here it is...... the Galleria Luti (unofficial) WEBlog launch. And you lucky guys caught it. Well done, pat on the back etc etc.