Thursday, 19 February 2009

Cottages all in a row

For the past couple of days I've been trying to top up our supply of gorgeous little highland croft cottages, painting them up in fabby colours which catch the eye!

I didn't plan too well in the morning though because I am a bit of a messy worker and now have (not so) designer acrylic paint streaks all over my favourite jeans. Bummer. Anyway, these little darlings just need to be varnished and then 'hey presto!'.... instant Mini Balamory in the gallery.

A few days ago artist Ian Elliot popped in to deliver some work for the new exhibition which is coming up.

He's very organised which I am extremely greatful for.... the earlier the art arrives the earlier I can start planning how the exhibition is going to look. So far, so good... Ian never fails to impress me with his paintings. I'm especially loving a small pinky piece and in a slight diversion from his usual colouring, the gorgeous blue piece which focusses on a yacht.

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