Thursday, 27 August 2009

Peter Luti Fame on Location, Location, Location (well, nearly)

Dad got an e-mail last night from my Uncle Ray who said that his son, Matthew had spotted this on Channel 4's Location, Location, Location programme which was being filmed in Edinburgh.

We both got rather excited as the paintings definitely looked like a couple of dad's. Especially since the frames are the same as dad uses. The paintings themselves are similar colour schemes and compositions. We decided to watch the programme on 4oD available at

On closer inspection (and a lot of squinting at the computer screen), however, we have concluded that they are not Peter Luti paintings. Still... it provided us with an evening's entertainment.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

New Peter Luti Paintings

Dad came down to the gallery yesterday with about 6 new painintgs. This one is a particular favourite called 'Calm Mooring'. I like the detailed boats in the harbour, but also the wee sailing boats out in the distance. It's unusual for dad to put both boaty aspects in one painting, so this one's a real joy. I think dad's been wishing he was out on one of his boats and so his paintings a fairly natical at the moment. These three are little stunners too. All of the new paintings are either 6inches squared or 9 inches squared. I've been trying to coax dad into making some larger pieces for the new exhibition (starting in 2 weeks!), and I hope it's been working. I have definitely seen a larger piece on the easel in the studio. Will have to just keep you posted on the progress though.

See all of Peter Luti's new painitngs at

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sandie's First Blog

This is my first contribution to the blog.
Marsha usually runs the gallery from Monday to Saturday lunchtime, leaving Saturday and Sunday afternoons for me to hold the fort. People come in to the gallery for various reasons. Day trippers and tourists who see the gallery A-board sign when they stroll up and down the Main Street of Callander pop in for a browse. Some exit empty-handed, others find bits and pieces for taking home as gifts, often cards, mats, coasters, mugs and jewellery. Regular visitors drop in on the gallery to see new exhibits or to purchase a specific item. Increasingly we are aware that first time people visit us because of a gallery search on Google, or by recommendation. This is particularly gratifying. Word is getting around.