Tuesday, 10 November 2009

New Work for Winter Exhibition: Alastair Laing

Alastair Laing came to deliver new work this morning. I told him that his new work will be on the blog, but he has admitted that he 'can't keep up with technology' so it's doubtful that he'll see this. Never mind - I love his new pieces. There's something very endearing about his work.
It's evident that Alastair's background is in graphic design, from the intricate detailing of his foreground. But there's also a loose feeling to certain aspects of his art.... either in the dramatic sky representation or in the occassional burst of energy in the foliage.The symbolic detailing in the paintings is also highly effective. I love this sailing piece! It's simply stunning.
The entire new exhibition can be viewed on the website by Saturday 14th Nov.

1 comment:

  1. I very much like about the cleanness of the works. I usually like emotional subjects but I'm beginning to warm to the more 'Mozartian' approach if that makes sence to you.