Tuesday, 17 November 2009

We love craft work!

When I read the blog yesterday, I realised it's been all about paintings recently.As much as we love paintings (and we do of course!), there's so much more other art in the gallery that I thought it time to mention the crafts!
So Mum and I set off on a wee tour of the gallery today to congratulate ourselves on having a brilliant range of craft work. Like these Ann Maitland glass dishes and candle bridges. Lovely! (Incidently, I'd just like to point out Mum's odd earrings! She lost one of each pair so has decided to wear them as an odd pair - whatever makes you happy, Mum!)
When Maggie Broadley arrived with her gorgeous ceramic pieces, I was surprised at how large the work was! Here, mum is doing a good job of showing their dimensions in relation to a wee Jim Galloway pot.
I hate getting my photo taken, but I managed to pose with the 'Playful Plastic' earring range.
......and this was the first attempt at a decent photo. Not good.
Mum has a wee sniff at the Maggie Broadley pots. They smell surprisingly nice!
What a great job I have!

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