Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stud Earrings by Marsha

I just love making jewellery that amuses me...... and I always think that it's great to have stud earrings that are a wee bitty different. I guess it comes from years of looking at Mum's earrings, as she tends to go for unusual earrings - that's her big passion!

I especially like the 'Luscious Lips'.... tiny little full-on-pouting lips! The ladybugs made me laugh when I made them too. Dad thinks I'm mad to do such small detailing in the clay studs, but I love it!!

These little fused glass studs have dichroic glass in the centre and catch the light to sparkle! You can't beat a bit of sparkle.
I'm off to make some more now! Marsha

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