Sunday, 5 April 2015

Taking photos of paintings - my constant battle

The importance of a good photo can not be undersitmated.
Before varnishing
They say that a picture tells a thousand words, and never a truer word has been said than when considering paintings.

After varnishing and framing
When artwork is your picture subject, however, getting a good photo of the painting can be the difference between allowing the observer to be transported into the artists’ world, and a disappointing photo of amature-ish art. My main struggle is photogaphing paintings which have already been varnished and framed, particularly when behind glass. Not only do I then have to battle with my own reflection, but also with the many windows and lights it takes to properly light the painting, but also the added glare and shine from carnish makes a true representation nigh impossible. Of course, I do my best, but indeed the best intentions often result in sub-standard photography, and more often than not, does not do the artists’ work justice.
The solution is simple. Photograph work in good light in the studio, pre-varnishing and before framing. Easy peasy.

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