Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Pittenweem Arts Festival - Galleria Luti

Sandie and Peter headed over to the highly popular Pittenweem Arts Festival on Tuesday for a couple of days of arts emersion. If you haven't been lucky enough to experience this delightfully unique festival, then I emplore you to make an effort next year to go and visit - I promise you will not be disappointed. Not only is Pittenween one of the loveliest little fishing villages of the East Coast, but for the duration of the Arts Festival, it is home to no less than 80-90 or so venues crammed full of artistic creations.
Many of the artists are there in person, hosting their own gallery space. Along with the year round galleries that reside in Pittenweem, it is not uncommon for galleries to be pitched up in studios, garages, cafes, public spaces, and even people's front rooms! I was just chatting to a couple who went this year and saw someone wander into a house, which unfortunately for them, was not one of the designated venues, but simply a poor Pittenweemer's home. I am pretty sure it wouldn't have been an isolated incident either, but equally as confident that the locals expertly deal with it in the best possible manner.
Several of our artists show annually and there is never a shortage of arty people to chat with. Anyone wanting an art fix in August could do no better than heading over to the east coast during the festival. I hear that there are even some pretty amazing fish'n'chips in that neck of the woods aswell.

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