Thursday, 9 April 2009

Nicola Morrison and Marsha's green jewellery

We're absolutely delighted to have Nicola Morrison's fabulous jewellery in exhibition again.Nicola Morrison's designs are based on research into the work of Japanese textile artists and the textile company Nuno Corporation.
Through these inspirations she has produced jewellery which consists of subtly textured components made from precious metals.
I've gone all green with my jewellery.....
... which is proving to be the colour of choice at the moment. Hurrah! Stick pin brooches are particularly popular just now - so I'll be making up lots more soon.
In gallery-unrelated news, the weekend saw a trip through to Glasgow to compete in the West Regional Finals of the Young Farmer Talent Spot competition.We (Callander & District Young Farmers Club) were absolutely delighted with our 6th place position and even more so to win 'Best Reserve Act' for the Stomp. Well done everyone!
It feels so much better coming home with a bit of silver! Yaaay.

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  1. Well done. As you say, there's nothing like bringing home the silver.