Monday, 9 March 2009

La Primavera Colora

The new exhibition 'La Primavera Colora' (literally translated as 'Spring Colours') opened on Saturday. It is such a warm and colourful show that I can't help but feel cheery whilst I'm in the gallery.

Peter Luti - Warm Sunset
This is on of my favourite paintings in the gallery just now. The heavy texture that Dad uses really draws you straight into the piece, and the bold applicaton of colour gives off that special warmth that is only trully felt watching a gorgeous sunset.

Sharon Mitchell Paintings

Sharon Mitchell's work has been receiving quite a bit of attention.

And, displayed alongside Dugald MacInnes' Mosaic work in Scottish Slate and Venetian Gold-leaf Smalti, give a fantastic and striking contrast and compliment each other work.

To see the exhibition in full visit

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